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(Pyrex and Anchor Hocking Glass Measuring Cup Review)

April 21, 2020   

In this review, Iíll include my experience with both the Pyrex and the Anchor Hocking brands of glass measuring cups over the past 30 years. I'll give suggestions based on my research for both dry and liquid types of measurement.

Wedding Gifts

wedding rings on 2 hands with flowers under them When my husband and I were engaged, we received wonderful wedding gifts from friends and family. Many of these gifts were kitchen supplies we still use today. Two of the most used items are 2 glass measuring cups we received from friends. One is a 1-cup measuring cup made by Pyrex, and the other is a 2-cup measuring cup that was part of a set of dishes and made by Anchor Hocking. Over time, I noticed the 2-cup glass measuring cup began to lose the red markings for measuring, and it is now a clear glass which Iíve marked on the outside where the 2 cup mark is. The 1-cup measuring cup still has the same clear markings as it did on the day I opened it. There are slight etchings on the bottom of the inside of the cup from a period of time when I used a strong dishwashing detergent, but the printed markings are still a solid red color on the outside.

What Changed?

2 glass measuring cups by Pyrex and Anchor Hocking on a white background I've wondered if the process of printing the marks on the glass for one brand is truly better than the other. The glass has held up over the years so the cup itself is no different between the brands, but it is very helpful to be able to use a measuring cup to actually measure dry and liquid ingredients without having to draw my own lines on the outside of the cup!

Recently, I was given a new 2-cup Pyrex glass measuring cup, and it too has lost itís printing. The new cup is the same brand as the original 1-cup measuring cup that, over 30 years later, is still clearly marked! My thought is that the process of printing on the glass must have changed over the years. This newer 2-cup measuring cup had very clear markings when it was first purchased. I really liked it as it had larger markings that my daughter, who is visually impaired, was able to easily read.

Hand Wash or Dishwasher?

a man stands at a kitchen sink washing dishes while looking over his right shoulder towards the camera. As a way to prolong the life of the markings, I decided to only hand wash the cup. Although I took care to try to protect it from any harsh chemicals in the dishwasher, it still began to lose its markings after a few months. What I noticed was the lettering would lift off the glass. One day I found several "letters" floating in some water in the sink and realized it was the printing from my cup. I began to watch to see what conditions caused this to happen and concluded that if I had the cup soaking in water for very long it would begin to lose print. Since I often place dirty dishes in my sink until I have enough to wash at once, my dishes often will sit in shallow water for quite a while during the day before they are washed.


Out of curiosity, I've done some research to find out what others are saying about which glass measuring cups are better for keeping their markings. posted a review about the Anchor Hocking glass measuring cups. They tested the toughness of the markings on the glass by using a reciprocating saw with a synthetic scouring pad on it and scrubbed the markings for 30 seconds. Their report indicated that the glass cups survived! They also tested for accuracy in measurements and found the Anchor Hocking cups "were the most accurate set" they tested. Another point they made in the article was that the pour spouts "are easy to pour from."

Pyrex 3-Piece Set

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Anchor Hocking 3-Piece Set

Another review I found was by Their top pick was the Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Cup Set. One of the key features the pointed out were the 2-year warranty. Other benefits they noted were the cups stack so they can be stored in a small space, they can tolerate cold and hot temperatures, the cups are easy to read and have a thick glass material.

close up image of 2 hands full of soap suds under a faucet with running water Looking at reviews on various consumer sites, I have noticed the newest model of the Pyrex cups seem to have a smaller pouring spout that may hinder a clean pour where the Anchor Hocking cups seem to have a more defined pouring spout. Many users who posted reviews reported the print fading for both the Pyrex and the Anchor Hocking brands with dishwasher and handwashing experiences. Some reported no problems, but that may be because they were not using the cups very often or because they were handwashing quickly and drying right away. I have a feeling if you could wash that way each time, both brands would keep their printing longer. However, for me, I don't want to have to handle my measuring cups in such a specific manner.

Measuring Dry Ingredients

a set of 7 stainless steel measuring cups nested into each other with a ring holding them together at the end of their handles My conclusion is that, for dry measurements, it is better to use a "scoop" type of measuring cup made of stainless steel and formed in one piece with a flat top you can evenly level off the top. I like the 1EasyLife 7-piece measuring cups set on Amazon. It has cups from as small as 1/8 cup to 1 cup. The handles are short which helps the cups sit flat on the counter while you measure into them. I have another set with a longer handle that tips to the side from the weight of the handle and can spill easily. I also like that this 1EasyLife set has the cup size molded into the handle so you can see the cup size easily even after using it for another ingredient. There is a slight pour spout to help when using liquid ingredients, but I prefer to use these for dry ingredients most of the time.

Measuring Liquid Ingredients

a tall and narrow clear glass measuring cup with a white lid. The cup has 2 pouring spouts and raised measurement markings on the outside For liquid ingredients, I'm still searching for the ideal 2-cup measuring cup with painted markings, but the Anchor Hocking 1-cup triple pour measuring cup looks like a good option for a 1-cup measuring cup. It has markings molded into the glass so there is no paint to wear off. It is only 1 cup, but I like that it has markings for ounces as well as 1/8 cup increments and metric measurements. There are 3 pour spouts so you can easily pour from whichever side is closest to you. It comes with a cover, but the cover doesnít fit snugly and only serves to cover the top temporarily and not for long term storage. A negative feature for this cup is that the markings are molded into the glass so my daughter would not be able to easily see them as she would if there were a contrasting print. This would be true for anyone with vision challenges, including most older adults if their near vision is less clear.

I will continue to search for a printed measuring cup that will withstand multiple washings, and I welcome your input on what you've found works for you!

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